Background of Sustainable Management
In the 20th century, railroads were the basis of urban and industrial development. In our 21st century, amid the forces of globalization and internationalization, airports are the new linchpins in the movement and exchange of people, products and ideas, and the creators of high value-added. As such, nation's economic competitiveness today is increasingly determined by the competitiveness of its airports.
As a result of these trends, we encounter new challenges to achieving sustainable growth, including rising competition to become a regional hub airport, the expansion of Open Sky agreements, the emergence of new customer groups, and the need for environmentally-friendly airport operation in line with the growing awareness of global warming.

Basic System of Sustainable Management

IIAC has selected 17 core values for our stakeholders which we regard as our basic management credo. We focus on creating equal relationships and strategic partnership by analyzing our stakeholders' needs and then striving to reflect them in our management activities.

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