ROK-ICAO Fellowship Training Programme
Membership Terms and Conditions
Chapter 1 General
Article 1 (Objective)
The objective of this agreement is to ordain the usage condition and procedure, rights of the user and site, liabilities, responsibilities, etc. of all services (hereinafter "service") provided by the ROK-ICAO Fellowship Training Programme website (hereinafter 'KOREA-FTP').
Article 2 (Definition of Terms)
1. User: Persons who receive service provided by this site according to the agreement
2. Usage Contract: Contract between the site and user for use of services.
3: Joining: Act of entering appropriate information in the application provided by the site and completing usage contract for service by agreeing to the agreement.
4. Member: Person registered by providing necessary personal information for joining this site, and persons who may use the information and services provided by this site.
5. User Name (ID): Combination of letters and numbers selected by the user to identify each user and to use services of this site.
6. Password (PW): Combination of letters and numbers selected by the user to confirm user identity and to protect personal information.
7. Withdrawal (Termination): Member terminating usage contract
Article 3 (The contents of the service)
The information provided in this Terms of Service are as follows:
1. Introduction of ROK-ICAO Fellowship Training Programme
2. Applying training course and submitting related documents
3. Annual Training Schedule
4. Introduction of MOLIT, KAC, IIAC, KOICA
5. Information of Korea aeronautical Industry
Article 4 (Validity and Changes of Agreement)
1. This agreement is valid for all users who are members of this site as well as non-members who use this site.
2. The contents of this agreement will be announced by stating on the screen of this site, and by joining this site, it is validated to members.
3. This agreement may be amended when ROK-ICAO Fellowship Training Programme recognizes the need for change, and when there are changes; it will be announced in the same manner as shown in Clause 2.
Article 5 (Regulations not implicated in Agreement)
Items not implicated in this agreement will complies with its according regulations such as electronic communications laws, electronic communications business laws, regulations set by the Information Communications Ethics Committee, information communication ethics principles.
Chapter 2 Approving and Terminating Homepage Usage Contract
Article 6 (Approving Usage Contract)
1. Usage consent is approved for this site by the user agreeing to the terms of the Usage Contract.
2. Consent to the usage agreement is made by selecting 'Agree to the above agreement' when registering for this site.
Article 7 (Joining and Withdrawing Membership)
1. Joining membership is completed by identifying the requestor and filling out the short membership joining format provided by this site.
2. This site may cancel registrations of members for the following reasons.
  1) Registering with the name of someone else.
  2) When entering and submitting false information in the membership application.
  3) When applying with the objective to cause disorderly conduct.
  4) Obstructing the use of the services of this site for others or percolating the information provided.
  5) When performing acts forbidden by the law or this agreement when using this site.
  6) When membership conditions designated by this site are not met.
3. This site can reserve the right to conclude this usage contract until the following terms are resolved
  1) When there is not enough capacity for related services
  2) When there technical issues
4. The services provided by this site are as shown below, and changed services will be announced to users, and may provide the changed services as shown below.
  1) All services developed by this site and services provided through the cooperation of other organizations.
5. When there are changes in the membership registration items, the member must immediately notify the site by using any methods including revising member information.
6. After joining membership of this site, but does not wish to receive any more services, the user may withdraw their membership at any time.
Article 8 (Consent of use of Membership Information)
1. This site's privacy guarantee policy applies to your personal information.
2. Membership information of this site is collected, used, managed and safeguarded as shown below.
  1) Collecting Personal Information: This site collects your information according to the information you provide us with when joining our site's services.
  2) Using Personal Information: This site does not give or distribute user information collected to 3rd parties without prior consent. Exceptions are when there are requests from national organizations in relation to legal matters as that of such as electronic communication laws, when the Information Communications Ethics Committee requests information for criminal investigations or for other law-related procedures, or when you voluntarily disclose the information you provided on this site.
  3) Managing Personal Information: In order to protect or update your personal information, you may revise/delete your personal information at the service's personal information management at any time. You may also change/modify information that you believe is unnecessary.
  4) Safeguarding Personal Information: Only you may check/revise/delete your personal information, and this is managed only by your ID and password. Therefore, do not give your ID and password to others, and make sure that you log-out after use and close the web browser. (This is important to protecting your information when using computers in public places such as internet cafes or libraries)
3. When applying to use this site and agreeing to the agreement, we assume that you agree for us to collect and use your membership information.
Article 9 (User Information Security)
1. You are responsible for protecting your information as soon as you complete membership registration procedures for this site, and it is your responsibility to safeguard your ID and password.
2. You are responsible for protecting your ID and password, and when you find out that your ID or password is being wrongly used, you must immediately report it to our site. All incidents which occur because you did not report it will be your sole responsibility.
3. Users must log-out after using the services of this site. All damages incurred by 3rd parties using your password because you failed to log-out will not be held responsible by this site.
Article 10 (Service Hours)
1. Unless there are technical issues, this site's service hours are 24 hours per day, 365 days a year.
2. Regular updates designated by the site are excluded from the service hours shown in clause 1.
Article 11 (Stopped Service and its Notifications)
1. This site is not responsible for lost or damaged messages due to national crises, blackouts, service equipment issues, and other uncontrollable forces.
2. This site may temporarily modify, change or stop services after giving a prior notification, and the site will not be responsible for any issues to you or third parties.
3. This site can temporarily stop services for emergency system inspections, installations, replacements or other reasons. In addition, when this site sees that replacement to an entirely new service is most suitable, the currently provided services can be completely closed down.
4. When it is impossible to provide normal services due to national crises, black-outs, service equipment issues or congested network traffic, this site can limit or stop all or part of the services. When this occurs, a notification will be given to users before or after the incident.
5. When service is stopped because of reasons that are not controllable by this site (Mistakes from the system administrator, disk problems, system-downs, etc.), it is impossible to give prior notices, and when the system is stopped due to issues from 3rd parties (PC communications companies, etc.), there are no prior notifications either.
6. This site can partition the service and designate service hours for each part. When this occurs, an announcement will be made.
7. When users violate the agreement terms of this site, we can arbitrarily limit or stop usage and withdraw the usage contract without your prior consent. In this case, this site can prohibit you from connecting.
Article 12 (Providing Information and Publication of Advertisements)
1. This site operates the homepage and provides various information by posting it on the homepage.
2. This site may post advertisements which seem appropriate for the service or is regarded as beneficial.
Article 13 (Administration and Operation of Posts on this Site)
1. Rights to posts entered by you are reserved by you the user.
2. This site reserves the right to edit or move the posting without prior consent, and can be deleted without prior notice in the following occurrences.
  1) Postings which violate service agreements or postings which are deemed as illegal, lewd, or vulgar
  2) Contents which criticizes or is deemed slanderous to other members or 3rd parties
  3) When it violates public order and morals
  4) When it may be linked to criminal actions
  5) When it violates copyrights or other rights of 3rd parties
  6) When it violates other related laws
3. Civil and criminal violations by infringing upon copyrights of 3rd persons on our board will be help responsible solely by the poster.
Article 14 (Service Usage Limitations)
1. When information provided by users are found to be false, or if there is sufficient reason to believe that it is false, this site can stop part or all of the services provided to the user, and this site does not take any responsibilities for mishaps caused by this.
2. When the user violates the agreements of Article 16 (Member Responsibilities), this site can arbitrarily limit or stop services to the user. In this case, this site can prohibit the user from connecting to this site.
Article 15 (Duties of this Site)
1. This site does not violate regulations set by law or by this agreement, and has the duty to attempt to provide continuously stable services.
2. This site does not share or distribute personal information to 3rd parties without prior consent from the member. This excludes instances when there are requests from national organizations on grounds related to electronic communications laws.
3. This site must have a security system to protect the personal information of users so that they may use the services of this site safely.
4. This site takes no responsibility for obstacles in using this service due to reasons that holds you guilty.
Article 16 (Member Responsibilities)
1. When joining membership, the requested information must be accurately filled in. In addition, members must maintain and renew information to keep it accurate, and members may not allow 3rd parties to use their ID and passwords.
2. Members may not participate in profit-generating acts using this service without prior approval from this site.
3. Members may not copy, reproduce, modify, translate, publish or broadcast any of the information acquired from this service and/or distribute it to 3rd parties without prior consent from this site.
4. Members are prohibited from the following when using the services provided by this site.
  1) Misusing ID and passwords of other members.
  2) Transmitting, posting or announcing contents which are slanderous, lewd, insulting, threatening or which may invade the privacy of others
  3) Hiding the source of contents obtained through the service
  4) Transmitting, posting or announcing contents which may not be used due to law or contracts
  5) Transmitting, posting or announcing contents which invade patents, trademarks, business secrets, copyrights, and other intellectual properties
  6) Transmitting, posting or announcing contents such as advertisements, promotions, spam mail, letters of luck, pyramids, etc.
  7) Finding and storing personal information of other users
  8) Acts that have criminal intent or are related with criminal actions
  9) Acts that invade good manners or social order
  10) Defamation or insulting others
  11) Invasion of intellectual properties and other rights of 3rd parties
  12) Hacking or distributing computer viruses
  13) Continuously transmitting advertisements or other contents against the will of others
  14) Actions which can or may hinder stable operation of services
  15) Changing information posted on this site
  16) Acts which violate electronic communications business law Article 53, Clause 1 and electronic communications business law ordinance Article 16 (Seditious Communications)
Article 17 (Rights to this Site)
1. Services, necessary software to provide services, images, marks, logos, design, service names, intellectual properties related to information and trademarks, and other rights are reserved by this site.
2. Unless explicit approval from this site is given, users may not modify, loan, lend, sale, distribute, produce, transfer, re-license, set security rights or make commercial actions on the property of this site, and cannot give permission to do so to 3rd parties.
Article 18 (Prohibition from Transferring)
Members cannot transfer or present usage rights or other rights from the usage contract to 3rd parties, and cannot provide this as a security.
Article 19 (Compensation)
This service is provided at no charge from this site, and unless there were deliberately criminal actions, this site will be not be held responsible for any damages incurred.
Article 20 (Exemption Clause)
1. This site will be exempted from responsibilities in providing services when there are natural disasters, wars, or other uncontrollable forces which make providing services impossible.
2. This site will be exempted from responsibilities when there are damages incurred by not being able to provide normal services due to stopped services caused by communications companies
3. This site will be exempted from responsibilities when there are damages incurred due to unforeseeable reasons such as repair, replacement, maintenance, and construction of equipment for services.
4. This site will not be held responsible for damaged incurred due to errors in the user's computer, or when the user enters their personal information or e-mail address inaccurately.
5. This site is not responsible for any opinion or information expressed in the service, and this site will not oppose or adjust any opinions expressed to 3rd persons. This site is not responsible for profits or losses that you incur by relying on the information in this service.
6. This site is not accountable for any responsibilities regarding the use of this service as a medium for trade between members or with 3rd parties, and will not be held responsible for profits that you may expect by using membership services.
7. This site is not responsible for any profits or losses incurred by gaining information through this service that you may expect, and is not accountable for the information, data, or reliability of facts that members post on this service.
8. This site is not responsible for any accidental or purposeful losses incurred by you while using this site's service.
9. This site does not guarantee the accuracy, perfection, or quality of the contents of the service that is provided by other members or organizations, unless it is provided by this site. Therefore, this site is not responsible for any kind of losses incurred by you while using the above contents. In addition, this site is not responsible for compensation of any mental damages that the user may have incurred from other users while using this service.
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