Privacy Policy
1. The item of personal information

- Collecting Item
  · joining website : Member ID, Password, Name, Birthday, Gender, Religion, Nationality, Address, Zip code, Phone Number, Fax Number, E-mail
  · Applying training course

  Name, Birthday, Nationality, Religion, Passport Number, Airport of Departure, Home Address, Zip code, Phone Number, Fax Numbe, Mobile, E-mail, Emergency Contact Name, Emergency Contact Number

  Present Position/ Title, Department or Division, Name of Organization, Address, Tel, Fax, Type of Organization, Term of Employment, Describe your present duties, Describe your expectation from this training course




In addition, the process using service and information can be produced and gathered following information.
  · Records using service, access log, connecting IP information
2. Methods of collecting Personal Imformation

KOREA-FTP collects personal information through the creation of personal information when registering as a member.
3. Objectives collecting and using personal information

KOREA-FTP collect personal information for the following purposes:

· Identification for the use subscription service training
· registration of training course
· Preventing unauthorized use of poor member and unauthorized use
· Verification joining membership
· Providing contents
· Managing membership
4. Sharing and providing of collected Personal Information (Providing Personal Information to third parties)

KOREA-FTP will not provide your personal information to third parties without the user's consent Except in exceptional circumstances, such as evidence of the law
However, if such a need arise, we will inform the members to receive prior consent.
5. Handling and charging personal information

KOREA-FTP has been operating the business entrusted to privacy as follows for the implementation of the contract and service delivery

· Korea Civil Aviation Development Association :
  Application FTP course, member information modification, membership management

· IBLeaders : Website program development and maintenance
6. Possession and using Period collecting personal information

The personal information collected user's agreement is store and used while using FTP service
Korea-FTP will delete that information if user ask the member withdrew and deletion.
7. Destruction procedures of personal information

KOREA-FTP will delete this information without delay after achieving this goal.
personal information printed on paper is cut down with grinder and burned, personal information stored in the form of an electronic file is deleted using technical methods no restore records.
8. The rights of User and the legal representative and how to use right

If you request a view of the collection, custody, or personal information that the error in this Privacy KOREA-FTP, etc. You can withdraw your consent for the correction may be required, the collection of personal information, using, offering users at any time.
KOREA-FTP users on my own personal information access, correction, or a consent to the collection and use of personal information can be withdrawn in writing, request a viewing of personal information, correction or withdrawal of consent by phone, E-Mail You can. In this case, KOREA-FT will take action if necessary after checking.
9. The installation of privacy automatic collection system and denial

KOREA-FTP operate a device to automatically collect personal information install using "Cookie", often searching and saving your privacy
What is a cookie, is a very small text file, server used operating the Korea-FTP website sends your browser and store your computer disk
Cookies identify your computer, but does not identify you personally.

KOREA-FTP uses cookies for the following purposes:
· Identification for the use subscription service training
· registration of training course
· Preventing unauthorized use of poor member and unauthorized use
· Verification joining membership
· You have the option to install your cookies. The top of the web browser tools - accept all cookies from Internet Options tab, mounted OK every time when cookie is stored or you can also refuse all cookies stored. But, there may be difficulties in providing services only if you install the cookie was rejected.
10. Personal Information Manager

KOREA-FTP receive to protect your personal information and handle complaints related to personal information
· Department : KADA(
[The complaints related personal information]
You can request an inquiry and complaint handling related personal information, KOREA-FTP will be immediately measure and will inform the processing and results.

[Technical and administrative measures]
KOREA-FTP provides a number of security devices as technical measures for the protection of personal information. All information sent by the user is managed safely kept by the security system.
Also, KOREA-FTP establish the procedures necessary for the management of personal information in an accessible and administrative measures for the protection of personal information and, limits the number of personnel to handle the personal information, and performing ongoing security education.
Also To customize the system to handling personal information, give the password and update it regularly.

[Revision of the Privacy Policy]
KOREA-FTP complies with privacy laws following: KOREA Law on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection Privacy Guidelines, the law regarding the use of credit information and protection of electronic trading Basic Law, Electronic Commerce Consumer Protection Guidelines
Therefore Privacy Policy of KOREA-FTP can change the content due to the changing laws of the Republic of Korea and the government revised guidelines. Date, reasons, including amendments will be announced on the Internet web site, when privacy policy revised

- Member privacy policy of KOREA-FTP performs from 1/9/2012
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