Privious Programs
Date : 2001.Aug.23 ~ 2001.Sep.5
Hit : 3,434  
TRAINING CENTER : Civil Aviation Training Center, Korea Airports Corporation (KCATC)

• To give a comprehensive introduction to Global Positioning System(GPS) & DGPS and to understand
   the system concept, design, operation, implementation and application.
• To provide detailed information on the GPS signal, its Data processing by the receiver, and the tech-
   niques by which DGPS obtains position and time.
• To give a comprehensive introduction to New CNS/ATM System concepts and the experiment cases.

• GPS Satellite constellation & GDOP
• Principle of DGPS & High accuracy GPS positioning
• Introduction to the other system related to GPS
• Static & Dynamic real-time positioning system
• New CNS/ATM System Implementation plan of R.O.K

PARTICIPANTS : 12 people from 6 States


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