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Date : 11-05-27 15:36
MLTM holds the 6th Meeting of Aeronautical Telecommunication Network Implementation Coordination Group (ATNICG/6)
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The Ministry of Land Transport and Maritime Affairs (Minister Chung, Jong Hwan) holds the 6th Meeting of Aeronautical Telecommunication Network Implementation Coordination Group (ATNICG/6) at Libera Hotel, Seoul from 16 to 20 May 2011. The meeting will be attended by about 150 participants including government delegations from 20 Asia Pacific states and ICAO as well as aviation communication experts from home and abroad.


The Aeronautical Telecommunications Network (AFTN) is a global inter-network of 194 member countries that provides digital communications of data such as flight schedules, aviation safety data and weather information. As a dynamic network, AFTN enables real time communications among aircraft, air traffic control and airline operations facilities all over the world.


Whereas existing telecommunications network (AFTN) mainly provides text-based communications, the next generation communications network (ATN/AMHS) enables various types of digital communication including texts, voice, photos, and video clips. The ATN/AMHS system, much like internet interface, seamlessly connects networks of related institutions, companies and aircraft en route enabling aircraft operators to use the system with ease.


The agenda items of the meeting include establishing implementation plan and promoting policy coordination in the Asia Pacific region; developing detail technical standards in accordance with ICAO Standard and Recommended Practices (SARP); all with the vision of setting up the next generation ATN.


The Korean delegation will give a presentation on its ATN/AMHS development and implementation plan, especially as the system is now under trial implementation between Korea and China. In addition, Korea will introduce its strategies to secure seamless multi-level ATN systems which provide detour routing in case of failures from unforeseen disasters such as an earthquake. Thus, the meeting will serve as an opportunity for Korea to upgrade its status as a leading country in aviation telecommunication.


With the aim of supporting Korean air navigation systems and the engineering industry to advance into foreign market, an exhibition is scheduled to be held together with the meeting, making the most of hosting the international event where about 70 delegates from some 20 countries are scheduled to attend. At the exhibition, 14 products including Doppler VHF Omni-directional Range (DVOR) and Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) from 6 Korean companies including Korean Airports Corporation (KAC) will be introduced.


Overall, the 6th meeting of ATNICG is expected to contribute to enhancing national status of Korea in the international aviation society and promoting technical expertise of Korean air navigation industries in the global market.


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