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Date : 11-02-10 17:43
Process of application and selection
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a. Applicant should access the registration menu of the website(www.korea-ftp.org) with User 
    ID and Password indicated in the front page of this ICAO State letter. 

b. Applicant should complete the application and upload the official nomination at the same time. 

c. Applicant should submit the medical report through the website after getting the medical requirement
    from the Korean government.

d. Applicant will get the award from ICAO according to the result of Korean Selection Committee. 

e. KOICA will try to contact the final trainees to deal with the matters on invitation, air ticket, etc.

Ref. - Selections will be made by the Selection Committee in the Republic of Korea after the deta-ils on your application and official nomination registered in the website are confirmed by Korean government official.


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