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Date : 16-02-22 15:18
2016 MOLIT-ICAO on Site Training Programme for African Human Resources Capacity-Building
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   2016 IKATP course information(Airport pavement, Aerodrome inspection).zip (1.8M) [188] DATE : 2016-02-22 15:18:59

Airport pavement Course
  Course dates : 14 (Monday) to 18 (Friday) March 2016 (1 week / 5 days)
  Training centre : East African School of Aviation (EASA), Kenya

 Aerodrome inspection Course
   Course dates : 11 (Monday) to 14 (Friday) April, 2016 (1 week / 5 days)
   Training centre : East African School of Aviation (EASA), Kenya

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport(MOLIT) signed a Memorandum of Understanding(MOU) with ICAO on May 19 2015 in Mozambique(Maputo) for the Human Resources Capacity Building Training Programme for Member State in Africa.

By signing the MOU, MOLIT will be able to provide new types of training programmes, such as inviting trainees from regions/countries or providing the training course in local areas.

For the first time, MOLIT will send a group of Korean instructors and provide full training courses to Africa States in 2016.

Not only will MOLIT provide programmes held in Republic of Korea, but also in local area.

It is expected that trainees will be given more opportunities to learn in a various educational environment.


1. These courses(Airport pavement ,Aerodrome inspection) only be available for African people.

2. The people who apply these courses, must submit deadline as referenced No.13 of general information at the attached files.

    Deadline : Airport pavement - 28. Feb. 2016

                      Aerodrome inspection - 11. Mar. 2016

3.For more information, Please refer to general information at the attached files


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