Date : 2017.7.19 ~ 2017.7.25
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We operated ICAO USOAP-CMA' course 19~25 July in Incheon Airport Aviation Academy.
There were 31 trainee from 26 countries.
The purpose of this course is designed to assist the member States in preparing for USOAP CMA in an efficient manner by helping them better manage ICAO SARPs and USOAP CMA Protocol Questions through SARPs Management and Implementation System(SMIS) and SOMS(Safety Oversight Management System) developed by the Republic of Korea.

Participants learned as below
• Introduction of the SSP/SMS and Surveillance System
• ICAO USOAP Safety Oversight Audit Manual (Doc 9735)
- ICAO SARPs, Critical Elements and Audit Areas
- Management of Protocol Questions and Corrective Action Plan
- Significant Safety Concerns(SSC) and Mandatory Information Request(MIR)
- State Aviation Activity Questionnaire(SAAQ) and CC/EFOD
• Practical exercise with SMIS(CMA OLF) and SOMS


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