ILS Maintenance  
Date : 2017.9.13 ~ 2017.9.26
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We are operating ILS Maintenance course from 13 to 26 Sep in KCATC. -
There are 14 participants from 14 ICAO menber States.
The Purpose of this course is to prepare the foundation for aviation development in participating countries by improving participants’ abilities to maintain and manage through principles and practice on ICAO’s Standards relating to the Instrument Landing System(ILS).
Participants will learn the Following during course period
 - Basic Concepts of Localizer (LOC) and Glide Path (GP)
 - LOC, GP System Theory
 - Module (Course, Clearance, Carrier and Sideband (CSB), Sideband Only (SBO)) Analysis
 - General Description of Block Diagrams
 - Detailed Block Diagram Level Analysis of Sub-units
 - ILS Maintenance Method and Practice

Also, Participants will visit some tour place and experience Korean traditional curture weekends.


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