Aviation Security and Safety(A-2)  
Date : 2017.8.28 ~ 2017.9.16
Hit : 6,894  
We are operating 'Aviation Security and Safety' course from 28 August to 16 September in Incheon Airport Aviation Academy.
'Aviation Security and Safety' course is one of the most popular course in Korea-FTP.
In 2017, more 120 people applied this course and we selected 20 trainee among all applicants.
The purpose of this course is to create a more secure and convenient air travel environment by enhancing airport safety and security operations in participating countries, delivering practical training programme based on best practices in airport security and safety operations at Incheon International Airport.
Participants learned as below
 Aerodrome Inspection Course (certified by ICAO) is embedded in:
– Module 1 : Aerodrome Inspection Introduction
– Module 2 : Surface Inspection
– Module 3 : Marking, Signs, Lightings and NAVAIDs Inspection
– Module 4 : Airside Access and Safe Movement Areas Inspection
– Module 5 : Airside Safety Operations Inspection
– Module 6 : NOTAM Inspection
– Module 7 : Wildlife Inspection
– Module 8 : Rescue and Fire Fighting Inspection
– Module 9 : Safety Management System Inspection
 Aviation Security Legislation and Regulations
 ICAO Aviation Security Policy and Regulations
 Airport Security and Safety Facility Tour


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