Date : 2015.11.8 ~ 2015.11.18
Hit : 6,708  
(1) Nationality and number of participants: 13participants from 13countries
    Bahamas(1), Bangladesh(1), Bhutan(1), Cambodia(1), Fiji(1), Georgia(1), Iraq(1),
    Nepal(1), Niger(1), Nigeria(1), Sri Lanka(1), Tunisia(1), Zimbabwe(1)

(2) Objectives
    • To secure safe and economic airfield pavement management, this course is for participants
      to decide the most suitable method of maintenance and the analysis skills of pavement
      condition allowable load of aircraft, PCN and PCI. Participants will learn the concept of
      Airport Pavement management and evaluation on the basis of the Annex 14(Aerodromes)
      including on-the-spot studies.


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