NAVAIDs Installation & Operation  
Date : 2015.9.15 ~ 2015.9.24
Hit : 4,369  
(1) Nationality and number of participants: 18 participants from 15 countries
    Bangladesh(1), Benin(1), Bhutan(2), Brunei Darussalam(1), Cambodia(2),
    Ethiopia(1), Gambia(1), Ghana(1), Lebanon(1), Mongolia(1), Nepal(1), Nigeria(2),
    Samoa(1), Senegal(1), Tanzania(1)

(2) Objectives
  • To deliver knowledge and knowhow in the field of operation and maintenance related
    to the navigational aids system of Incheon Airport to provide participants with relevant
    information to assist them in installing, operating and maintaining NAVAIDs for the
    development of airport industries of participating countries.


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