July 1999

The Republic of Korea(ROK) undertook Fellowship Training Programme for developing countries in aviation-field since 1999, recognizing the necessity for international cooperation in order to enhance the safety of civil aviation and the balanced development through out the world.
October 1999

Korea Civil Aviation Training Center was designed as an official training organization in October 1999 in the Republic of Korea.
June 2000

The training courses were enrolled in ICAO and the agreement was signed between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and KOICA for supporting the budget of the programme.
August 2001

With the beginning of GNSS Introduction Course, a lot of aviation experts from ICAO member states have been trained.
September 2006

ROK-ICAO Joint cooperative Programme was established in accordance with the MOU signed in 2006.
August 2009

ROK and ICAO signed a MOU to jointly establish and expand the Fellowship Training Programme.
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